I’m Ronald Campbell, Jr. I create under the moniker Rawn Price. My beginnings aren’t much different from any other creative. I’ve been drawing since… IDK, ask my mama. It’s a been a minute. In elementary school, I collected sports cards. Aside from being a fan of the athletes, I had an affinity towards team and brand logos. I would recreate them on the inside covers of my binders and go through packs of paper trying to perfect the curves and line weights. In high school, I nurtured my talents less and less. College got me back into creating again consistently once I discovered Photoshop and Illustrator. I would use the graphic design skills I had acquired over the years to help contribute to Virtuoso Inkorporated — a clothing brand based out of Baltimore. In 2012, I started a new job working the midnight shift, from 12 to 8 am. Something about being awake during those hours stirred up some creative juices that had not been tapped in a while. I was sketching religiously. And I haven’t really stopped since. In June 2016, I had my first gallery showing a series of paintings that had a reoccurring cartoon french fry (yes, this site spawned that and more.) In November of that year, I hosted my first solo show. The following year, I illustrated a children’s book titled The Electrifying Adventures of Mr. Powers, Vol. 1. And I’m still on my creative journey.

WENEEDTHOSEFRIES is a personal blog turned professional portfolio. The name originates from a late night conversation while on a quest for something hot, salty and greasy. The rest is history.