That was a bar I heard a few years ago, and I almost immediately subscribed to it. It fit at the time because rarely was I not medicated. I constantly felt like I was stumbling upon concepts that were new to me. But, for better or worse, things have changed. My usage has lessened. My lessons have shifted. Most people seem to express the notion that their most profound “aha” moments come when under the influence. I’m finding that mine come during my post-binge moment of clarity. High philosophies are fun to explore, and can lead to positive changes in one’s life. No doubt. Lately, I’m discovering that most of the (educational) moments of self-reflection come a day or so after I’ve run out of drugs. Maybe I’ve had time to process whatever ideas the universe has sent my way(or that I passed through). Maybe things buried by day-to-day actions come to the surface. I don’t know.