I have been bluffing heavy on writing here. It’s not that I don’t have anything to talk about. Far from that. On occasion I will write down, without any real structure, ideas and theories with the intentions to expand on them here. But, it seems like once I get the idea out of my head, I’m sort of satisfied with that. And as a result, a layer of dust starts to gather on my site. Earlier this afternoon, I was driving back to work from lunch and there was guy walking in the street, on the passenger side, and 2 guys walking on my driver’s side – all 3 walking in the direction from which I came. And I just had the urge to shout out “what up my niggas”. I don’t know these dudes. Never peeped them in the neighborhood before. And that’s not to say they don’t live around, but it does speak on biological bonds being very weak in the black community. Obviously, with the #BlackLivesMatter movement taking over, a lot of issues involving black people are rushing to the surface. So, a need, or at the least a wanting, to become more connected is happening, just in general. But I had to question my own reaction to that feeling of wanting to acknowledge my neighbors. I sort of caught myself off-guard. I’m not anti-social. I think that term is abused and flung around way too much. It’s not in me to speak to random people who I might not ever cross paths with again. At least, it wasn’t. Recently, I have been actively trying to become a more empathic person. And I suppose that feeling of wanting to acknowledge your fellow-man, and in a sense show love, is a result of opening oneself up to the world.

And with that being said, I need to reach out to my weed man.