The Wire is my all time favorite drama. I didn’t have cable in my house until the end of the final season, so I had a lot of catching up to do. I literally watched the first 4 seasons in 3 days. I did very little at work and absolutely nothing at home during that time. After I watched every episode and the series ended, a void formed in the ‘entertain me’ portion of my mind. Then came Sons Of Anarchy. Void filled. I started watching it last year, about 2 or 3 shows into season 2. I have no idea what drew me to it. I never watched anything on FX, aside from a few movies (which weren’t commerical free BLAH!). I never had any fascination with gangs of any sorts, gun smuggling or grimey white guys. But, whatever shoved me in it’s path, I’m glad it did. It’s one of the best shows on tv right now. I’ve read where it’s been compared to Sopranos, and considering all the nominations and awards that show received, I’m going to assume thats a good thing (never seen an episode of The Sopranos myself).  Season 2’s ending can only be described as a heart wrenching cliff hanger. I know it’s cliche but it is Hawkeye accurate. Seeing the commerical for the season 3 premier made my night. It didn’t hurt that it came on the same night as the 30 for 30 about Tyson and Tupac ,which was excellent.  And not surprisingly, the season opener was good. The body count is already at 2 (it’s no way the sheriff survived getting bulldosed by that van),  Gemma, the old lady(as in wife) of all old ladies, poked some dude in the nuts and Clay threatened to butt fuck a fed with a pistol and “blow away her black heart”.  No amount of vamp sex is going to top that. None. And because I’m so kind to the universe, Best Buy has Season 1 on sale and I’ve got coupons so I’ll be picking that up for sure. I’d advise everyone else to do the same. LETS RIDE.